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Training and Educational

Start your employees off right with informative, memorable, and entertaining training videos. We work with teachers, trainers and business owners to invigorate learning with high-interest dynamic content.

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We Inspire Curiosity

Ravenok Media inc. brings training and educational courses into the modern era. We work with trainers and educators to replace slideshows with informative and dynamic video presentations that are enjoyable to watch and engage with. These videos are not only more memorable for the learner, but can free up the teacher to focus on class engagement and discussion, instead of just reading through a slideshow.


With over ten years of videography experience, we create masterful videos for any industry. We have worked on instructional videos for Alberta Health Services, the University of Alberta, Onlea Online courses, and the Edmonton Public School Board. 

We focus on catering to many different learning styles.


The average attention span has significantly lowered in recent years. We are flooded with high quality, interesting and informative content, boring training techniques just don’t cut it anymore. Ravenok Media's video content improves information retention and understanding by using animation, cinematography, and creative editing to bring these courses into the modern era.

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